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Hanging art seems like it should be an easy chore, but don't be fooled. Framed art can be harder to hang and display than you might think. Not only do you need to have the right nails or screws to handle the right of your framed art, but also you need to consider what size artwork fits best in which room, what room to hang it in and how high to hang it.

Here's a handy Wall Placement tip so you can get winning decor every time.

The biggest mistake people make when hanging framed art is to hang it too high. Follow these wall placement tips to get the best look from your art.

Remember that framed art should be seen at eye level. Generally, you want to find the eye level for someone about 5 feet 6 inches tall to 5 feet 8 inches tall, but if you family is taller, you can hang your framed art a little bit higher. If your art will be viewed mainly from a chair, find the eye level for someone who is sitting. If the framed art will be hung where people are walking, such as in a hallway, hang it at a standing eye-level.

For art that will be hanging over furniture, the lower edge of the frame should be about 6 inches above the top edge of the furniture. This maintains the continuirty of lines in the room and helps keep the framed art near eye level.

Many people make a newspaper template of the framed art they want to hang and tape it to the wall to help them visualize the best placement. This is an excellent method, especially if you will be creating a grouping with your art. Make it even more helpful by marking on the newspaper where the hanger on the back of the art is. That way, you can hammer your nail through the newspaper without any guesswork.

As for the nail you use to hang your art, be sure to use one that is strong enough to hold the framed art, but not so large that you  unnecessarily damage your walls. We recommend picture hangers to ensure a strong hold. You'll find a weight rating on the package, many hold up to 20 pounds, which is strong enough for most framed art.